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New EP Now Available Worldwide from FOX FUSE

August 18, 2017


New York, NY (FOX FUSE) – Grenadian soca star Tallpree ignites with his new EP Jab Lovenow available worldwide from all major digital retailers (released on August 18, 2017), from FOX FUSE. Born and based in the Spice Isle of Grenada, Wilt “Tallpree” Cambridge has been placing Grenadian music on the global map for three decades now. His first international EP, Jab Love is already placing Grenadian music in the spotlightas it is featured on the iTunes U.S. Reggae section New Music chart, during its week of release.

Tallpree’s first foray in music was as a dancehall artist named Mr. Evilus. He earned his musical stripes as an opening act for dancehall stars whenever they visited Grenada, including the likes of Sean PaulBeenie Man and Buju Banton, before making the switch to soca. His dancehall vocal flair adds to his distinct soca sound, injecting a zest of energy into any song he does and on any stage on which he jumps. His appeal increased as he became an ambassador for jab jab music - Grenada’s native and niche soca genre, which highlights African elements in its percussion-heavy style, paying homage to the country’s rich African heritage.

Jab Love  receives a feature on iTunes U.S. Reggae section, during week of release.

Jab Love receives a feature on iTunes U.S. Reggae section, during week of release.

“The phenomenon that is jab music is almost an exclusive sound to my homeland Grenada and it is my distinct pleasure to bring it to the world,”states Tallpree“The pulsating drums, dynamic energy and potent lyrics all form part of an authentic jab jab and j’ouvert experience, which is neatly packaged in Jab Love.”

Jab Love jams with six (6) jab jab anthems, including favorites from both Spicemas (Grenada’s annual carnival) and Trinidad Carnival, including “Call Yuh Mother,” “Mas Man,” “Jab Love” and “Head Gone,” thereby delivering cross-Caribbean hits for fans internationally. Hit production houses Build De VibesXpert ProductionsN.M.G. Music Group and YTM Recordz crafted the sizzlers, which Tallpree has been bringing to the masses as he recently performed for huge crowds at Caribana - Toronto’s annual carnival, before heading back home for Spicemas and his annual star-studded concert, Preeday - which celebrated his 20th anniversary in soca music this year. He will be storming New York City shortly for the West Indian American Day Carnival celebrations, where Jab Love will be experienced by even more revelers, as Tallpree continues his jab jab take over.

Jab Love is a truly complete jab chronology that can solidly prepare one for a true jab jab experience,” Tallpree adds. “You will dance, you will listen and you will want to come to Grenada for the real jab jab experience. My guarantee is that you will fall in love with the jab - Tallpree say so!”

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1. Call Yuh Mother
2. Watch Conduct
3. Damn Problem
4. Mas Man
5. Head Gone
6. Jab Love